A Diamond in the Rough…….

“Something that has hidden exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make it truly stand out from the crowd.”

This phrase relates to the fact that naturally occurring diamonds, are quite ordinary at first glance and that their true beauty as jewels, is only realized through the cutting and polishing process.

Occasionally we get asked to sell properties in unusual circumstances. In November 2011, we were asked to value a derelict detached house on St Albans Road, Garston, just opposite St Michael’s School.

The property occupied a particularly large plot, but it was in a terrible state and the house was totally uninhabitable.

It had been occupied by squatters, who had been evicted and by the time we got the keys, the property had been secured with enormous metal shutters over all the windows. There was no power and we had to measure up by torch light!

However, as is often the case, there was an enormous amount of interest in the house, because it had massive potential.

Many offers were received and the house sold for well over the asking price.

After nearly 3 years of hard work, we were delighted to be asked to sell the house once again, only this time, it had been transformed into a beautiful luxury 5 bedroom detached home, with 3 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms and a stunning contemporary kitchen.

hillsidecollage hall lounge toilet kitchen dining bedroom bathroom back

We are sure that you will agree, that this outstanding home , was definitely “a diamond in the rough“!

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