Do Something Amazing!

This week, Team Marshall Vizard, did something amazing!

The NHS Blood Service were at Halsey Masonic Hall in Watford and as first time donors, we decided to give each other some moral support and do a group donation! We were all a bit nervous, but Marilyn and her team were fantastic, explaining every step of the procedure, ensuring that we were all ok throughout and making sure we had our obligatory drinks and biscuits afterwards. It was actually a lot less daunting than anticipated and we will definitely be donating again in the future!



Donated blood is a lifeline for many people needing long-term treatments, not just in emergencies. Your blood’s main components: red cells, plasma and platelets are vital for many different uses.

Red cells are used predominantly in treatments for cancer and blood diseases, as well as for treating anaemia and in surgeries for transplants and burns. Plasma provides proteins, nutrients and a clotting agent that is vital to stop bleeding – it is the most versatile component of your blood. Platelets are tiny cells used to help patients at a high risk of bleeding. They also contribute to the repair of damaged body tissue.

Maintaining a regular supply of blood to all the people who need it is not easy. Blood components have a short shelf life and predicting demand can be difficult. By giving blood, every donor is contributing to a nation-wide challenge to provide life-saving products whenever and wherever they are needed.

The Blood Service will be back in Watford on Sunday 6th December but they are at other locations throughout the year. Click through to their website for more information –

Donating blood is a quick and easy process which helps to save lives – do something amazing today!


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