Going the extra mile………….

What image do you have of your local estate agent?

Probably someone in a smart suit, wearing a tie, sat at a desk in a modern office?
Or maybe driving between appointments? Talking on the phone? Or sat at a computer?

Well, that is the case most of the time, but you may be surprised to learn that our role frequently involves getting a little dirty!

Recently, David Vizard, our Sales Partner, had to change into jeans and a T-shirt, to climb into the loft space of a property we were selling in Church Road, Watford, to inspect the chimney breasts.

church road 2

Chimneys had been removed from the house, to create more space, by a previous owner many years earlier and it was important to ascertain if the remainder of the chimney stacks were adequately supported in the loft space. So, armed with a head torch and camera, David crawled through the loft, which on this occasion was very small, to take photographs of the chimney stacks to send to the surveyors. Sometime later, covered in dust, he emerged from the loft, camera in hand and later on, having changed back into his suit, he emailed the pictures over to the surveyors for their approval.

church road

“We frequently have to enter lofts and basements to check for faults, which may have been highlighted by the surveyors acting for the buyer” says David. ”Very often, the faults do not exist and it is our job to provide the evidence that everything is OK, in order for the sale to go through smoothly”

If you would like your agent to go the extra mile to ensure your sale goes through smoothly, then call us at Marshall Vizard on 01923 230302.

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