Homeowners – make your home earn its keep….

You know that feeling when you find £10 in those trousers you haven’t worn for ages?  Good isn’t it!  However, if money is tight, you need a more reliable plan to make some extra cash.  So, if you own your own home, you could consider the following options, to make your home earn you some money!

Spare room?  The traditional way of making some extra cash, is to rent out your spare room to someone.  On the plus side, you get a significant regular financial contribution every month, the downside is, you have someone living in your home, drinking your milk, leaving the lid up on the toilet.  Check out SpareRoom.com https://www.spareroom.co.uk

Want to be on TV?  You could rent your property to TV or Film companies, who will pay good money to use your home for filming their latest TV show or blockbuster movie.  On the plus side, you can make good money and impress your friends that your home is on TV, the downside is, you may have to move out while they are filming.  Check out ShootFactory http://www.shootfactory.co.uk/

Can you cook?  There is a current trend for “pop-up” restaurants, where you get paid for serving dinner in your own home!  It is an exciting way to meet new people, explore your culinary skills, and get paid!  On the plus side, if you are an enthusiastic amateur chef, this would be a great fun way to generate some extra cash.  The downside is, you’ll end up having to do the washing up!   Check out GrubClub   https://grubclub.com/

Got a driveway?  You can rent out your driveway for someone else to use when you don’t need it.  If you live near a station, football stadium or theatre, people will pay to park their car on your driveway, instead of having to drive around looking for a space or risk getting a parking ticket.  On the plus side, you get cash for very little effort, the downside is, you gotta park your car somewhere else!  Check out Just Park https://www.justpark.com/

Have these tips inspired you to make your house earn its keep? Please let us know if you try some of these tips out and tell us how you got on!


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