Marshall Vizard Makeover – The Finalists


The nominations are in and our finally 3 have been selected!

Read their stories and look at their videos and photos below and vote for who you would like to be the lucky recipient of The Marshall Vizard makeover!


Nomination 1 – Hillside


Michelle Hamilton has nominated the residents at Hillside, which is a comfortable home to 8 adults with learning disabilities. Anyone walking past the house wouldn’t recognise it as a ‘care home’, with the stigma that often surrounds learning disabilities.  It is a  community based home where people can live as independent adults for many years, or be supported to develop skills enabling them to move out into their own home.

Hillside residents' and support workers' holiday May 2016

Residents are supported with 24 hour individually tailored care, enabling them to live their life according to their individual choices and wishes. They go on organised outings and holidays, encourage hobbies and some residents do voluntary work or have paid employment and are supported by Watford Mencap to live as independently as their disability allows.

“We have a rabbit called Pablo. I check his food and water and I help to clean his cage” says Monica

“I like to help staff, I do a lot of work at home and in the garden” says Angela

“I am happy at Hillside. I go swimming every week. I won more medals this year again” says Cliff who loves football and travelling.

Each resident has their own private bedroom and they share communal spaces such as kitchen, dining room, laundry room and lounge.

While the lounge is a comfortable area, it is tired and needs a makeover. The décor is tatty and old fashioned, the furnishings are basic, worn and mismatched.

The residents tell us that they enjoy spending time in the lounge, but would like it to be modernised. They would enjoy choosing colours and accessories together.



As a local independent charity, Watford Mencap raises funds to pay for support staff, but has none spare to pay for ‘extras’. A refurbished lounge would give a comfortable, hospitable space which the residents would feel proud to invite their friends and family to.

Nomination 2 – Herbie Kern

collage collage2

The Peace Hospice have nominated Herbie Kern.

“Herbie has a heart of gold. He has been volunteering for Peace Hospice Care since January 2015 and has become very popular amongst all the staff and volunteers. He works for British Airways as Cabin Crew and comes to the Hospice on days he is not flying.

4 years ago Herbie was diagnosed with colon cancer which was treated with chemo and radiation. 6 months later, he was in remission which lasted about 2 years. Unfortunately, the cancer returned in 2013 and Herbie faced more chemo and the decision to have a body changing surgery which ultimately saved his life. The surgery was called a “total pelvis excenteration” which lasted 14 hours. This means he now has two ostomies – urostomy and colostomy which were life changing, although very unusual for a man still in his 30s.

Last summer, Herbie experienced pain in his left side and ended up walking with a stick which has now been diagnosed as avascular necrosis. Earlier this year he was researching into hip replacements and for someone who is only 41, seems way too young to be even considering such a surgery.

Just a few weeks ago, Herbie was rushed into hospital with stage 1 kidney failure. After 10 painful days, one surgery and a CT scan, the doctor informed him that there was a mass on his left lymph node close to the urethra. Unfortunately this meant his cancer had probably returned for a third time. That day he was released back home and whilst at home, a PET scan confirmed the cancer really was back.

5 days later, poor Herbie was back in hospital because of an infection and fever and underwent another surgery which meant another ‘bag attached to his body’ called a nephrostomy. Luckily after 10 days, he returned home to his feline family (of 6 cats).

Before he can get treatment for his cancer, he needs to sort out his kidneys. We are hoping this will be fixed in the next few weeks so he can start to fight the cancer again. He is seeing the oncologist next week and we await for the next steps for when he can start his chemo.

Herbie is in high spirits, and when he is feeling well enough, always insists on coming into the office to help us here at the Hospice. He recently came with me to visit a local scout group to present the Jam Jar Challenge to them and they were so interested to hear about his experiences as a volunteer. He is responsible for all the collection tins at the Hospice and spends most of his time thanking the supporters and creating certificates for them.

Luckily for Herbie, he has a massive army of supporters including his 6 cats. He is very popular amongst the staff, volunteers and patients here at the Hospice and when he has not been in for a few days he is missed greatly.”

The Peace Hospice would like us to makeover the living room in Herbie’s house.
Living room 1

Nomination 3 – Tracey Bravo

Sally Shiers has nominated her sister, Tracey Bravo for a living room makeover.

tracey traceylounge


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