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Marshall Vizard COVID-19 Update

  Update 9th September 2020 Following the latest update from the Government we are still working, as we have done throughout this crisis. The office is open and we are contactable on the office number, although the best form of contact is by email and the more detailed information below remains valid. If you come […]

What Does My House Survey Mean?

So, you’ve finally found the house of your dreams. It’s perfect. It’s in exactly the right location, with the accommodation you wanted. Near the station. And the shops. They’ve even got the tiles you like in the bathroom. You’ve made your offer, and you’re waiting for the agent to call with the answer. You’ve got […]

Can I remove the Chimney Breasts in my house?

Chimney breasts. A beautiful original feature which adds character, or a complete waste of space which gets in the way? The answer varies, depending on your point of view. In an older house, the chimney breasts can be an asset, particularly in the living room, with an original period fireplace, and of course they are […]

How Should I Choose a Solicitor When Selling My Home?

“I am going to use the cheapest solicitor that I can find on the internet – they are all the same after all!” Of course they are. In the same way that all football teams are the same. Or all restaurants are the same. Or all cars are the same. Football teams – 11 men […]

If It Seems To Good to be True…

I got an email today. From a solicitor. Overseas. Apparently, a distant relative has died and left me ££millions!! All I have to do is transfer a large sum of money, to the solicitor, and they will send me my inheritance.   Shall I transfer the money? No, I didn’t think so either. Because it’s […]

When it comes to selling your home – presentation matters

You don’t think presentation matters? Read this: FOR SALE: A dirty home with a long list of features including: Skid marks in the toilet Hand basin covered in scum Piles of dirty laundry in every bedroom Greasy oven and hob Sticky kitchen floor Sink full of dirty dishes Smelly kitchen bin Muddy footsteps all over […]

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