No Problems….only Solutions!

We sometimes encounter problems during the course of a sale and our job is to find a solution.


Occasionally, it is necessary to get the contents of a property cleared and we have contacts with house clearance companies, removal companies, cleaners and rubbish clearance people who we get to help us and they make a charge which is normally paid for by the vendors.

We recently completed on the sale of a flat in The Reeds development, which had previously been rented out.

44 Alexandra Court

On the day of completion, the buyer was very upset that there was still a lot of property in the flat which belonged to the previous tenant, who had already moved out. The vendor was not prepared to pay for clearance, as it wasn’t his property. The tenant didn’t want it and refused to go back and collect it. The buyer was in tears.

The solution?

Waterdale Household Waste Recycling Centre (Garston)

David Vizard drove straight over, put the seats down in the back of his car (fortunately an estate!) put all the unwanted items in the back of the car and took them to the Recycling Centre in Garston. Not very glamorous perhaps, but effective!

Sometimes we think the quickest and easiest solution is just to deal with the problem ourselves!

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