Supporting the New Hope Community Garden

The team at Marshall Vizard, spent the day yesterday, helping out at the Community Garden , on Rickmansworth Road, which is part of the New Hope in Watford.

From left to right:- Gemma Kuster (Lettings), Danielle Scott, (Sales), Michelle Crossley (Property Manager), Justine Marshall (Inventory Clerk), Neil Marshall (Partner), Dominic Watts (Lettings Director), Jemma Gish (Marketing), David Vizard (Partner), Sophie Newberry (Sales)

New Hope is a charity that helps the homeless or vulnerably- housed, through the provision of accommodation and offers the opportunity to help transform the lives of these individuals.

The Community Garden grow flowers, vegetables and herbs, which are then either sold to help generate funds for the work of New Hope or used to feed some of the people that live in their various accommodation. It is also a peaceful environment for New Hope’s service users to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence, whilst benefitting from ‘ecotherapy’ and is also a vital bridge between the work of New Hope and the community of Watford.

Under the watchful eye of Ian Bond, the supervisor in the garden, the team at Marshall Vizard, had a very productive and enjoyable day in the garden and didn’t let the torrential downpour in the middle of the day deter us from our list of jobs!

Re-potting a tremendous amount of struggling plants, to help them grow better, (getting through 120 litres of compost) and be more effective at retaining water.


Cleaning out the duck weed, which was blocking out the light from the 2 ponds, to allow the pond residents (newts, dragonfly larvae, frogs and water boatmen) to thrive!


Feeding tomato plants, weeding a plot riddled with tricky weeds and hoeing between onions!


Freeing the willow, that was being choked by bind weed all along the fence.

Neil Marshall said, “We all had a fantastic day, helping out in the Community Garden and chatting with some of the service users, volunteers and staff at New Hope. David Vizard added, “It was a great opportunity to support the local community and do some team building, away from the office and in a beautiful and inspiring setting.”

The Community Garden are always in need of volunteers. You could be an individual who has half a day spare a week and enjoys being outside or if you are a local company, you could do what we did and send a team along to get their hands dirty and spend a day out of the office doing something completely different!  Contact Nafisa Mantel at New Hope on 01923 227132

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