Teeth, Football & Brexit

As a child, I remember when my dad had to pull out a loose tooth for me.  He told me in the morning that he would pull it out when he got home from work. I was worried about it all day long, scared it was going to hurt.  By the time he got home from work, I was a nervous wreck, shaking like a leaf and crying like a baby!  After being bribed by the offer of a new football, I opened my mouth so he could deal with the offending tooth, which, of course, popped out easily as he said it would.
All that worrying, over and done with.
I feel the same about Brexit.
Whether you voted leave or remain, it looks like the entire country was just happy to get it over with, as we’ve already seen a huge increase in the number of new enquiries from potential buyers this year.
The demand was always there, it was just buried under a colossal mountain of Brexit uncertainty.  Buyers were nervous about the future, and as a result they collectively sat on their hands.  Brexit Day signalled an end to that uncertainty, and now those buyers are entering the market again – new enquiries are up, viewing numbers are up, and the number of offers and sales agreed are also up.
Which means if you are thinking of selling your house, now is the time. With plenty of buyers around, selling should be quick and easy.
The worrying is over.  The tooth has been pulled.  Time to go out and play with that new football!!
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