The Price is Right…

Should I put my property on the market now, or am I wasting my time?

Good question.

The main driving factor to determine whether you should sell now or wait until conditions improve is your own situation.

Job move to another area? If the job won’t wait for you and it’s too far to commute, then sell now.

Breaking up with your partner? If you can’t live together any more, and neither one of you can afford to buy the other one out, then sell now.

Home is simply too small? Going crazy because the house is overcrowded with kids/pets/mother in law? Then sell now.

Actually, this decision is very personal to each individual person, but if there is a compelling reason why you must sell right now, then that is the right thing to do.

But, market conditions are tough at the moment, so what is the key to finding a buyer in these conditions?

The answer to that is simple – to attract a buyer in these conditions, your price needs to be competitive, so that your property stands out from the other properties on the market. Don’t like the sound of this advice? Of course you don’t. But here’s the deal – if you are also buying a property, then chances are the vendor of that property will also have to accept a lower figure than they had anticipated, so you can just pass on your reduction up the chain. Gets you moved. No financial pain.

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