Tip for Successful Property Viewings





It’s your home.

You pay the mortgage.

You pay the bills.

It’s where you’ve laughed.

And where you’ve cried.

You eat, breath and sleep in it, every day.

I’m asking you to get out.

Go away.

I want to be in your home, and I don’t want you there.

Give me the keys.

Walk away and leave me in your home.


Let me do my job.

Let me show the buyers around, while you’re not there.

Go shopping. Get a coffee, go to the cinema. Walk the dog. Just go.

Much less stressful for you.

None of the awkwardness of strangers in your home while you’re there.

Better for the buyers too. More relaxing.

Fewer people too. Makes your home seem more spacious.

So, when people come to view, make yourself scarce, let us show them round.


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