Top Tips for Preparing your House to Sell



Selling your home can be an emotional time, but you need to distance yourself from any sentimental attachment and remember that it is the house and the land you are selling


We all have lots of belongings lying around our houses and it is often hard for buyers to see past the clutter of day to day living. To avoid distracting buyers, if possible try to pack away some personal bits and even some pieces of furniture, in preparation for your own move. This will help potential buyers see the space in a room and improve the flow around the house.

First Impressions Count

Buyers will judge a house before they have even walked through the door. There’s never a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure the front of the house is attractive and inviting and if it has a garden, ensure that this isn’t overgrown, the lawn and borders are well-maintained, plants are pruned, and any rubbish is cleared away. Consider a couple of potted plants (which you can take with you!) to frame the doorway and highlight the entrance. Hallways are also important, as they are often used as storage space for coats and keys, so make it welcoming with a small table and a vase of flowers.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Ensure it is clean and tidy with no dirty pots and pans left in the sink and that all surfaces and appliances are spotlessly clean. De-clutter counter tops and put away any gadgets which aren’t used, so that buyers can see the available space. A cluttered kitchen can leave a buyer thinking they won’t have enough room to cook.


Spend time and effort making the bathroom as clean and presentable as possible. Clear away laundry, clean the taps, basins, shower and toilet, sort out any grouting issues and put out some fluffy towels. Otherwise viewers may only see an expensive upgrade required as soon as they move in.


You may your pet, but not all buyers will feel the same. Prior to a viewing, tidy away food and water bowls and do your best to alleviate any pet odours. Air the rooms, vacuum and use air freshener. Ensure that pets are out of sight during a viewing.

Minor repairs and paint jobs

Show your house at its best, by tackling any minor repair and maintenance jobs that you have been putting off. Painting over marks and blemishes or around window trims, smartens and freshens a house up.  Minor repairs are an inexpensive ways of improving your home’s appearance. Things that you live with, are just one more job for someone to do when they buy. Buyers will look at every single detail, so the less you give them to question the better the chance of a sale. If there are any minor settlement cracks, fix them with a little bit of plaster and paint. If people see these, they might think that there is something structurally wrong with the property.

Get the advice of your Agent

We as agents, have experience of what people look for and what may put them off. Ask for our advice on any areas of improvement in your home, things which could potentially prevent a sale from being made. Don’t get offended at the advice, it is not personal. We are on your side and want to sell your house as much as you do.

At the Viewing

Try and arrange to be out so that we can do our job. Following a potential buyer around and looking over their shoulder will make them feel like an intruder and they will want to leave as soon as possible. It is also unlikely that they will comment on the house in your presence and we need this feedback to assess how the viewing is proceeding.

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