Watford Property Market Update – June 2018

Our marketing guru, Jemma Gish, e-mailed me this morning, and asked me to prepare a comment on the property market in Watford, for this newsletter.

Groan.  I’m way too busy, I don’t have the time to prepare something.

And then it occurred to me – that IS the article.

AM busy.  My colleagues are busy.  The Sales market is busy.   Lettings is also very busy, with one of the strongest starts to the year we have seen, in terms of the volume of new tenancies agreed and rental values remaining steady.

So here is my view of the market in the area, which I am typing as fast as I can before my next appointment!

The Brexit referendum in 2016 had a major impact on the property market, and it is still recovering.  No-one knows what Brexit actually means – will it be great, or will it be a disaster?  Everyone has an opinion, but nobody knows for sure what the impact of Brexit will be.  And this uncertainty made people nervous of entering the market.

And yet this year in Watford, ever so slowly to start with, the market has been getting busier again.  More new enquiries.  More valuations.  More viewings. More offers. More tenancies agreed.  Confidence seems to be returning, and buyers and sellers are entering the market in significant numbers once more.

So what does this all mean to you, dear reader?

Well, it’s good news.  It means, if you want to sell or let your house in the area, there is every chance there is a buyer or tenant out there for you, so long you are realistic about your price.

Call us to discuss matters in more detail, we’ll be happy to take your call.  As long as we are not too busy!

David Vizard (Sales) & Neil Marshall (Lettings)

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