When it comes to selling your home – presentation matters

You don’t think presentation matters? Read this:

FOR SALE: A dirty home with a long list of features including:

Skid marks in the toilet

Hand basin covered in scum

Piles of dirty laundry in every bedroom

Greasy oven and hob

Sticky kitchen floor

Sink full of dirty dishes

Smelly kitchen bin

Muddy footsteps all over the floor

Clutter everywhere


To arrange a viewing, please call………

Not interested? Me neither.

I’ve sold houses like this.

And unsurprisingly, they don’t sell very easily. Unless they are very cheap.

So, if you want to sell your property, then make sure it looks fabulous.


Tidy up.

Put things away.


Clean everywhere.

Make your house sparkle.

Make it smell nice.

Make it look the best it has ever looked.

The better it looks, the easier it will be to sell.

And the better the price you will get for it.







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