Who would you expect your estate agent to speak to when selling your property for you?

Well, the client obviously, the buyers and certainly the solicitors acting for both the buyer and the seller. A good agent should also be speaking to the other agents in the chain to advise them of progress, so that they can keep their clients informed. I think that we would all agree that this represents the minimum you would expect from a good estate agent!

So, when we were selling this property recently in West Watford, you may be surprised to learn that as well as speaking regularly to all these people, we also spoke several times a week, directly to the vendors of the properties above us in the chain, in Kettering and Market Harborough.


“There were some lengthy delays with the purchaser at the bottom of the chain, due to a divorce” says David, who was handling the sale. ”During this time, the vendors at the top of the chain were getting increasingly anxious about the length of time the sale was taking and it was a very stressful time for everyone. By speaking to the vendors in person, we were able to reassure them that everything was fine and eventually the sale went through.”

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