Why is my home still on the market?

Has your current agent been honest with their valuation?

Read the letter below, just received from a seller whose property we recently valued…

“Good morning Sophie,

I thought I’d keep you in the loop regarding my property. Just to clarify, I instructed the other agent for a number of reasons. They gave a higher valuation, assured me they could sell it easily & I’d used the company previously.

Within a week they urged me to reduce the sale price by £15-25k. I never received confirmation of emails I sent them, I received phone calls from a number of different people, it was a week late going on the market, the brochure description was incorrect and I had to correct it at least three times. I could go on. They were quite vehement that I didn’t need to do any work to the property, as any buyer would want to make it their own. The only feedback I received was that there was ‘too much work to be done’! I received not even one offer. Consequently, the property is coming off the market with immediate effect.

It is my opinion that the assurances of a quick sale and high valuation were to secure the contract from competitors. They attempted to ‘big up’ the situation with talk of ‘click counters’ and ‘view rates’. Quite frankly, as I told them, I’m not interested in these meaningless numbers. All I’m interested in is someone that is interested in buying the property and getting viewing feedback.

I don’t know if your valuation was a realistic projection of what the property could attain BUT I suspect is was closer to the mark. I’m emailing you this information in case you would like to assess when my targets may be attained.

Best regards

Mr S

If this resonates with you in relation to your property sale and you would like us to give you an honest appraisal of the value of your home, we would be very happy to hear from you on 01923 230302. We assure you of our best attention and award winning customer service at all times.

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